Whole-Self Overview

Have you ever wondered - "Who am I?"; "What am I really doing here?"; "What is my purpose in life?". If you have been asking yourself these types of questions then chances are you also feel that you are in a rut, or you are unsatisfied with life, or just feel empty. The reason for this - it is time to wake up and move beyond the narrow reality that you have existed in.

Unknown to the conscious part of your self, you are involved in a big game - the game of Life. The purpose of this game - to express ALL of your Self in a balanced way, and to experience without judgement ALL that Life has to offer. Somewhere along the way you made a conscious choice to hide your true identity so you can fully experience life and its subtleties from the perspective of not knowing. Yet, you do not recall making that choice. The direct result of that choice was that you became a Fragment of your Self. The part of you that you know as your self (your Personality) is but a tiny fraction of the whole of your Self. As the fragmented-you continued on, you became further fragmented through more conscious or unconscious choices, through traumatic life experiences, or through self-judgment of your experiences. The many parts of your life that are no longer working for you are truly a reflection of this fragmentation. All your varied life experiences are now bringing you to the realization that there is more to your Self. This is the point where you have the opportunity to re-awaken to who you really are.

The diagram below, the Whole-Self hologram, is a representation of the whole of your Self.

Whole-Self hologram

Did you consciously know this?

There may be a part of you that wants to dismiss all of this because you can't remember, or worse still you may be in denial. You are actually playing a game of hide and seek with yourself.

How is knowing any of this going to change your life? That depends entirely on the choice you make - you can carry on with your life the way it is. Or, you can consciously choose to balance and re-integrate all the lost Fragments of your Self. You made the choices to fragment your Self, and only you can make the choice to become whole again. Just remember this is a process that you need to go through step by step. You are not whole until every Fragment of your Self is re-integrated. Full empowerment will come as you rediscover who you really are in working through this process on your own.

Refer to the Re-integrating Fragments of Self page to learn how to initiate this process.

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