Re-integrating Fragments of Self

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Reconnecting to your Soul

Re-integrating Other Fragments

Reconnecting to Your Soul

When you consciously chose to hide your true identity the part of you that you know as your self (your Personality) became the first Fragment of your Self. Now as you are ready to begin the re-integration, this first Fragment has to be reconnected to the whole of your Self at the Soul level.

You can use the Whole-Self Attunement tool to re-establish connection to your Soul.

Re-integrating Other Fragments

UPDATE! We are finally ready with the new material we have been promising. This new material is also only offered in-class. A description of the programs follows.

Those of you who have done the integration with your Soul may be wondering why integration with some Fragments of Self is so elusive and frustrating. The answer is that each Fragment needs to be fully experienced before it can be reclaimed. The difficulty with that is the emotions and feelings surrounding some of our experiences have been traumatic and hence we are unwilling or unable to access them. There is also the rigid way of thinking... of looking at life, which is preventing you from accessing these. These unresolved emotions and feelings have a story to tell they are part of an experience that did not go the way your mind expected it to. They have an important message to tell you, but how do you open up to something that you cannot put your finger on, and which you suspect may be very painful to look at?

First of all, there is nothing to be afraid of. These unresolved emotions and feelings only want the opportunity to express so they can finally give you the clue that they have been holding on to. You can rest assured that you do not have to re-live the rawness of the experience. The new material we have created for you has a very gentle and yet powerful way of helping you work through these.

Diffusion CDThe real challenge in integrating the Fragments is that we are limited by how we think and feel about ourself and the world around us; which are all connected with our beliefs and memories of our past experiences. This new material will focus on working with each person's Soul to work through unresolved emotions and feelings and stuck thought patterns.

Outline of New Program

Who Will this Course Appeal To?

Those who seek deeper integration with Self specifically to re-integrate the other Fragments of Self.

Course Pre-requisites

Must have completed the Whole-Self Attunement course.


Two days in-class.


Please contact us.


Please check the Events page.

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