I recall being caught up in the rat-race during the 1980s. At one point when I was fed up with it all I recall asking myself - Who am I, and Why do I exist? As if in response to that question every single area of my life began to fall apart - starting with all my relationships, then my career, my finances, my health, my business, etc. There were times when I was in total fear, other times filled with guilt, shame, and feeling totally powerless. I desperately wanted to understand why everything was falling apart. Even though I had an upbringing that included a strong dose of religion I just knew that I could not turn to religion for answers. My life experiences to that point had taught me that I could not trust religion, or for that matter anyone or anything outside of my Self for answers. I recall making a conscious choice at that time to only work with my own Self even though I did not have a conscious understanding of all of me. This was the start of a different kind of journey - my spiritual journey, which led to the rediscovery of my true Self.

Looking back, I had much awareness during my teenage years but I was unable to share any of that with anybody, and what remained of it receded almost completely during my 20s and 30s. Through a number of life experiences I had during the early to mid 1990s I became very aware that I was totally responsible for creating all of my experiences. I immediately realized that if I had the power to create my experiences I also had the power to change them. When I started to apply this understanding my realities also began changing.

During all of this, several first-hand experiences also brought me greater understanding of who I really am, the different parts of my Self, and the big picture of Life itself. This was followed by a period where all that I understood to be truth had to be torn down to be rebuilt again. In fact, I went through several such rebuilding periods, some of which were painful - only because I struggled letting go of very rigid ways of thinking, or being unwilling to re-experience my Fragments. But what emerged after each round was a clearer and more complete understanding of who I really am.

My purpose in life is now more clearer to me than it has ever been. I undertake to share all that I have learned in my life journey through the work on this website. I do this as a fellow traveller on the journey of Life and not as a teacher. It is time for all of us to wake up and walk in our own Light, rather than be in the shadow of someone else. It is my desire that my life transformation process will be an inspiration for others who seek to empower themselves as I did.

If you like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me at Contact.

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