Whole-Self Attunement

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What is Whole-Self Attunement

Whole-Self Attunement Course

What is Whole-Self Attunement

When you consciously veiled parts of your Self many higher order systems such as the Axiatonal Meridians and Axial Circulatory System were no longer needed, so they were disconnected and became dormant. When this happened you were no longer able to vibrationally experience your Soul and other parts of your Self at your Personality level. The fragmented Self then had to limp along doing the best it could.

Whole-Self Attunement is a tool that allows you to re-integrate all the lost Fragments of your Self. First, it allows you to reconnect the Axiatonal Meridians and re-establish connection to your Soul. Once this connection is re-established your Soul will then begin to orchestrate the necessary life experiences you need to re-experience all your other Fragments. You can then use the Whole-Self Attunement to re-integrate them.

Whole-Self Attunement Course

Course Outline

Who Will this Course Appeal To?

If you are looking for answers to deeper questions in life, or you are disillusioned with life, then this course may appeal to you. Anyone desiring to re-connect to the whole of their own Self will benefit from this workshop.

Course Pre-requisites

Only the willingness to re-connect to the whole of your own Self.

Duration of Course

2 days in-class.


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Follow-up Courses

UPDATE! We are finally ready with the new material we have been promising. Click here for a description of the new programs.

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