The Perfect Time has come when you have the opportunity to reconnect to all the lost Fragments of your Self, and in re-integrating each of these Fragments you then begin to express your Whole-Self

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Notice: Effective immediately, no one is authorized to copy any of the contents of this web site or any of the Whole-Self resources. Any permissions related to the Whole-Self work that were previously granted to individuals are also hereby revoked effective immediately. Further more, the Whole-Self Attunement manual will not longer be available for free download, and the other resources will remain offline.

All along our intention was to share the information on this website solely for personal use only. However, some individuals who have neither completed the Whole-Self training nor done their inner work have been teaching these materials and offering therapy to others for personal gain. No one has completed all the required Whole-Self courses and completed their inner work to this date, hence do not have the necessary experience to work with others.

As such, no one is authorized to teach the Whole-Self material nor offer any therapies. However, individuals like Ángeles Hernando in Spain continue to do so despite being told to stop - they no longer have permission to teach the Whole-Self material or do the Whole-Self Attunements for others.

It has taken many years of dedicated inner work to develop this sacred material, so henceforth only those individuals listed in the Facilitators page who have completed all the necessary preparatory work will be allowed to teach the Whole-Self material. Anyone continuing unauthorized work are doing so against Divine Will, and will find themselves cut off from the energy behind the Whole-Self work. Anyone taking courses or receiving therapy from unauthorized individuals bear sole responsibility for the consequences of their action.

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